Who Is Hayley Atwell’s Fiancé? All About Ned Wolfgang Kelly (2024)

Who Is Hayley Atwell’s Fiancé? All About Ned Wolfgang Kelly (1)

Hayley Atwell may be known as Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger and Marvel’s Agent Carter, but to Ned Wolfgang Kelly, she has a more important role: fiancée.

While it is unclear how the two met, they were linked as early as July 2022 when they posed for photos together at an event in London. In April 2023, the couple got engaged in Venice.

"I’d never had any interest in getting married… until I met this extraordinary woman," wrote Kelly on Instagram, announcing their engagement.

While the two are rarely seen together in public, they did attend the London premiere afterparty of Atwell’s latest project, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, in June 2023, according to photos published by the Daily Mail.

The following month, he promoted his fiancée's film on Instagram, saying he was "proud" of Atwell. "They don’t often make ‘em like this anymore," he added of the action movie.

So who is Hayley Atwell’s fiancé? Here’s everything to know about Ned Wolfgang Kelly.

He works in the music industry

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Kelly is a songwriting and composer. According to his website, Kelly has worked on several television commercials for big brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Mentos, Bud Light, Samsung and Headspace.

In May 2022, Kelly shared a Mentos ad on Instagram, for which he "composed and produced some warped Italo disco music."

He also gave his followers some insight into the instruments and techniques he used to make the track, including "some secret sauce percussion that I built from scratch with the Logic drum synth."

He's a writer

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In addition to his work within the music industry, Kelly has also written for multiple culture publications. In one story published on Dazed in 2017, he reported on the history of California’s queer hip-hop scene, focusing on Tim’m T West’s HIV diagnosis.

“About a year and a half ago I had a series of fascinating conversations with the amazing Tim’m T West - poet, rapper, educator and LGBTQ+ activist. Our aim was to cement the history of the Queer hip hop scene in the late 90s / early 00s, as it never got the recognition it deserved,” he captioned an Instagram post sharing the article. “Tim’m’s own story was central to the movement, and he still works tirelessly as an activist, as do many of the rappers he collaborated and worked with.”

He and Atwell attended Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball in 2022

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In July 2022, Kelly and Atwell attended Lady Gaga’s The Chromatica Ball afterparty in London. Hosted by Dom Pérignon, this was the first time that the pair were photographed together.

The two posed for a photo wearing coordinating looks: Atwell wore an all-white outfit with orange shoes and purse, while Kelly wore white pants and an orange-patterned shirt.

He proposed to Atwell in Italy

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Kelly proposed to Atwell during a trip to Venice in 2023. While the couple are quite private, Kelly announced their engagement with a heartfelt Instagram post. The pair took a selfie cuddled up on a sofa, with Atwell showing off her diamond ring to the camera.

“Lucky me. Arrived in Venice at 10am. Around midday the love of my life and I got engaged in the kitchen of this strange apartment full of porcelain ducks, with a bloke outside the window murdering 'My Way' on the accordion,” the music producer wrote in the caption. “A perfect start to the rest of our lives together. I’d never had any interest in getting married … until I met this extraordinary woman. Happy as a clam. ❤️💍.”

In July 2023, Atwell told the Daily Mail that the proposal was a casual event — but she liked it that way. "My fiancé was in his [underwear] in the kitchen, and there was an accordion playing outside our window — which was timed perfectly but not planned," she said.

She also spoke about how special it was to get engaged in Venice, Italy. "I've always had a weird connection with it," she told the outlet. "So he took me there, and it happened there."

He's been sober for over a decade

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The music producer has been open about his sobriety, with his Instagram bio reading: "Alcohol & drug free for over a decade, happier that way."

He marked 12 years of sobriety in November 2022 and commemorated the milestone on Instagram by sharing a photo of him and his dog in a car, and writing in part, “12 years with no alcohol, drugs or intoxicants! Can’t imagine life any other way, thankfully. Which is crazy because 12 years ago I couldn’t imagine living life sober.”

Kelly also credited "keeping good people around me" as one of the most notable aspects of his recovery journey.

He is supportive of Atwell’s career

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Atwell and Kelly may keep their relationship private, but that didn't stop Kelly from supporting his fiancée on social media ahead of the premiere of Mission: Impossible in July 2023. The writer shared a movie poster featuring Atwell, writing about how proud he was of his fiancée.

"My formidable fiancé is the leading lady in Mission Impossible 7, which hits cinemas this week,” he wrote in the caption. “I can confirm that the glowing reviews and score of 99% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes is an accurate reflection of how insanely entertaining and spectacular this film is on the big screen.”

He added, “Knowing all the work that went into this production, I’m so proud of her, and everyone involved.”

Who Is Hayley Atwell’s Fiancé? All About Ned Wolfgang Kelly (2024)


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