Deepwoken Multiplicity (2024)

1. Enchantments - Deepwoken Wiki - Fandom

  • Deepshore Fossil · Laplace · Hippocampal Pool · Weird Trader

  • Enchantments are powerful upgrades for your Weapons & Equipment. Enchantments have a set chances to be applied to a weapon during the following scenarios. Note that some methods of obtainment are more effective/have higher probability for obtaining them Any gear you find in chests or dropped by enemies have a small chance to be enchanted. (Except rings, neck and face slot gear, which cannot be enchanted.) Talking to Laplace and trading 3 enchanted items for a new random enchant on your equipped

2. Best Armor Enchant? | Fandom - Deepwoken Wiki

  • Best Armor Enchant? Ferocity. Drowned. Multiplicity. Displacement. Vote.

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3. What Does Multiplicity Do in Deepwoken? - Playbite

4. What Does Multiplicity Do in Deepwoken? - Playbite

  • 7 dagen geleden · Multiplicity enables you to fire off multiple spells simultaneously, creating chaos and doubling your combat efficiency.

  • Multiplicity enables you to fire off multiple spells simultaneously, creating chaos and doubling your combat efficiency. It's OP if used right!

5. Authority Helm (Multiplicity) Roblox 2387084 - Deepwoken - itemku

  • Buy Item Deepwoken Enchant - Authority Helm (Multiplicity) Roblox from . The most complete, cheapest price & easy checkout only in itemku | 2387084.

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6. Redsteel Pauldrons (Multiplicity) Roblox 1768405 - itemku

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7. Deepwoken – All Enchantments and How to Unlock - Gamer Journalist

  • 12 jan 2023 · ... Multiplicity: On activation, restore your hunger, thirst, and blood bars; Stench: On activation, release a cloud of gas that damages all ...

  • Why swing a sword when you can swing a magic sword?

8. Multiplicity Steve GIFs | Tenor

  • With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Multiplicity Steve animated GIFs to your conversations ... Deepwoken Midwoken GIF - Deepwoken Midwoken Freshie GIFs.

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Deepwoken Multiplicity (2024)


What does multiplicity do in Deepwoken? ›

Multiplicity in Deepwoken lets you summon multiple clones of yourself to confuse enemies and cover more ground. It's super useful in tricky battles!

Is entanglement good in Deepwoken? ›

Entanglement in Deepwoken is a combat mechanic that temporarily binds your enemies, making them unable to move or attack. It's super useful in tough fights!

Is obfuscation good in Deepwoken? ›

Obfuscation is incredibly useful when fighting block-heavy mobs like Immortal Guardians or Enforcers. Umbral Knight used to hit yourself when procced on an enemy with hyperarmor, this no longer occurs.

What does Drowned Enchant do Deepwoken? ›

Description. When a non-water mob is attacked with an item with Drowned, the mob will take drowning damage for a number of seconds.

What does mutually exclusive mean in Deepwoken? ›

Some talents are mutually exclusive with other talents, meaning picking one mutually exclusive talent will remove the other talent from your talent pool.

Is it better to be one handed or two handed in deepwoken? ›

Two hand makes it to where you do more damage, but your posture bar fills up faster. One hand does slightly less damage, but does less posture bar damage.

How rare is Ganymede in Deepwoken? ›

Peculiar folk who are often known for their wisdom and intelligence. Though quite rare, Ganymede science still leads man forward. Chance of obtaining race: 2.0% Ganymedes are a snail-based race in Deepwoken that appear with dark skin, abnormal eye figurations, and sometimes wearing their...

Is charisma useful in Deepwoken? ›

Increases Ether slightly per Charisma. One point in Charisma gives 1.5 ether. Charisma can be used in certain dialogue checks that require charisma. NPCs and players will positively respond to your citations from How To Make Friends at 33 charisma, and eagerly at 66 charisma.

What race is good in Deepwoken? ›

Best Deepwoken Races

Vesperian - This Race initially has natural armor, which reduces damage taken by 5%. It also grants +2 Willpower and +3 Fortitude. Felinor - Thanks to the Nightchild talent, you significantly increase your agility and Stealth. It grants +2 Charisma and +3 Agility.

What is max luck in Deepwoken? ›

The new luck effect, emits a "shining" noise and has a oval-like shape which zooms in and out on the character. Luck was a feature shown on the bottom right of your screen. This value had a maximum of 45% and a minimum of 25%.

How do you lose sanity fast in Deepwoken? ›

Sanity Decreasing Effects

Equipping a weapon enchanted with Curse of the No Life King, which gives you -100 sanity when you unsheathe your weapon while in The Depths. Without any Willpower, it instantly kills you, as you start with 80 sanity.

What can get you banned in Deepwoken? ›

Usage of derogative words, such as slurs, aimed at another wiki member(s) or organization(s). Repeated posts / messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long comments. Using templates improperly across the Wiki. Posting in Discussions under the wrong category.

How rare is a drowned with a enchanted trident? ›

Drowned have a 15% chance of spawning with a Trident in Bedrock Edition (6.25% in Java Edition), and those will themselves have an 8.5% chance of dropping their Trident as an item upon death.

What does crippling darkness do in Deepwoken? ›

Armor Stats

This Outfit also grants the Talent Card Crippling Darkness, which makes all non-basic attacks have +20% Armor Penetration (PEN).

Does age affect anything in Deepwoken? ›

The Age System is a mechanic built into your Character upon creation, starting at the Age of 18. Your character ages when they reach their season of birth. Age may affect your Character's entire appearance, such as wrinkles and a change of hair color.

How long does it take to go insane in Deepwoken? ›

With just sanity increases (blindfold, Mental Fortress Talent deck, 100 willpower and Blindseer Oath) and no randomly rolled sanity stat on gear and no potions, players can reach 436 sanity, which equals to just below 2 hours (118 minutes) in The Depths before tier 3 insanity.

What does mantra scaling do in Deepwoken? ›

Each Mantra level gives a approximately 20% boost to damage and effects from modifiers, and certain Mantras have different effects at level 5, such as Thunder Kick becoming an Instant Guardbreak.


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