Bon Appetit! 20 Creative Bruschetta Recipes (2024)

There’s a reason bruschetta can be found in the appetizer section of just about every Italian-restaurant menu: It’s nearly impossible to pass up grilled bread and tomatoes smothered in olive oil. This Italian favorite features a classic combination of fresh ingredients, and we’ve rounded up 20 recipes that put a new twist on the traditional hors d’oeuvre. Bon appétit!

1. Warm Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta: This bruschetta recipe may be simple, but it definitely brings the flavor. Who can say no to melted mozzarella?! (via The Comfort of Cooking)

2. Bacon Bruschetta: Take that BLT and put it on open-faced grilled bread. Because bacon makes everything better. (via Your Homebased Mom)

3. Strawberry Bruschetta: Let’s make use of strawberry season while it’s around. Bring this sweet berry bruschetta to your picnic, and it’ll be gone in seconds. (via The Curvy Carrot)

4. Butternut Squash Bruschetta: This recipe has Thanksgiving written all over it. The lovely orange color will complement your award-winning pumpkin pie perfectly. (via Recipe Girl)

5. Avocado Bruschetta: Go ahead: get the big bag of avocados. You’re going to need a lot of ’em to make this avocado-based bruschetta. And don’t forget the lime juice to keep them nice and green. (via Fuss Free Cooking)

7. Cherry and Plum Bruschetta: Sometimes, life really is just a big bowl of cherries. So go eat some! Make this picture-perfect bruschetta for your baby shower or ladies lunch. (via Bon Appetite)

8. Greek Bruschetta: How do you use up all those extra cucumbers and tomatoes from your garden? Add some olives and feta to make a Greek version of the Italian classic. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)

9. White Bean Bruschetta: Yeah, you could make bean dip to serve with chips. But why would you do that when you could serve it on toasted baguette slices? (via Keep Your Diet Real)

10. Cantaloupe Bruschetta: Cantaloupe? Yes. With mozzarella, prosciutto and a balsamic drizzle. You know you want to try it. (via Picture-Perfect Meals

11. Portobello Bruschetta: How could we forget the mushroom lovers? Even if you don’t do bread, you can still get in the action. It’s easy: just mix, grill and eat! Did we mention how much we love to grill? (via Jacqueline Copeland)

12. Beet Bruschetta with Goat Cheese and Basil: Here’s an appetizer for an upscale shindig. Oh that lovely rich purple color! (via Feasting At Home)

13. Zucchini, Mint and Ricotta Salata Bruschetta: Who knew zucchini could be so classy? Add some creamy ricotta and you’ll have an appetizer fit for your summer party. (via Aida Mollenkamp)

14. Roasted Fig Bruschetta: These roasted figs are perfect for summertime snacking— especially when they sit atop homemade ricotta and a crisp piece of bread. (via Alexandra Cooks)

15. Artichoke Bruschetta: Artichoke dip is a common sight at dinner parties. Spice yours up by serving it on crostini. (via Love Grows Wild)

16. Tropical Bruschetta: Have your dessert minus the guilt. This fruity bruschetta is a light sweet treat that even the dieter can enjoy. Don’t forget the cinnamon-y drizzle. (via Creme De La Crumb)

17. Roasted Grapes and Thyme Bruschetta with Ricotta: Sweet, crunchy and delicious are the words that come to mind when we think about this yummy recipe. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. (via Sacramento Street)

18. Spicy Broccoli Rabe: This one’s got the spice and the bite to make a big impression on your taste buds. Are you brave enough? (via Williams-Sonoma)

19. Roasted Pumpkin, Cheese and Arugula Bruschetta: Fall tastes like pumpkin and pumpkin makes a great autumn appetizer. (via Kwestia Smaku)

20. Roasted Banana and Nutella S’mores Bruschetta: Wait, Nutella bruschetta? Yup! This recipe mixes the delicious hazelnut spread with marshmallows and bananas. What’s not to love? (via Picky Palette)

What is your go-to bruschetta recipe? Tell us below!

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Bon Appetit! 20 Creative Bruschetta Recipes (2024)


What type of tomato is most commonly used for bruschetta and name the best variety of this tomato species? ›

The key to making the best bruschetta? It's all in the tomatoes. Because tomatoes are the focus of this simple recipe, it's worth it to use ripe, fresh ones. Juicier tomatoes work, but drier varieties like Roma are really what you're looking for.

Does bruschetta get soggy? ›

Top the bruschetta right before serving to prevent it from going soggy. Alternatively, you can serve the bruschetta and topping separately and allow your guests to assemble them. Another step that can help is adding an ingredient to protect the bread from wetter ingredients.

Why do Italians eat bruschetta? ›

Bruschetta traces its roots back to ancient Rome, where peasants created a simple dish by grilling leftover bread over an open fire. This practice allowed them to make use of stale bread and add flavor to their meals. The word “bruschetta” comes from the Italian verb “bruscare,” which means “to roast over coals.”

Which tomato has the best Flavour? ›

The "tastiest" tomato is subjective and can vary depending on individual preferences and culinary uses. Some popular tomato varieties known for their flavor include the Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, San Marzano, and Sun Gold. Each tomato variety has its unique taste profile, sweetness, acidity, and texture.

What type of tomato tastes the best? ›

'Gold Medal' (beefsteak, indeterminate, heirloom c. 1920) is arguably the top bicolor for taste. The giant 1-3 lb fruits are perfectly marbled with red and yellow and are large, meaty, and juicy. It has won lots of taste tests where it has been described as luscious and superb.

Is bruschetta good or bad for you? ›

The primary ingredient in Bruschetta is tomatoes and as you already know tomatoes are extremely good for health. They are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K1, folate and potassium. Moreover, they are also a rich source of antioxidants such as Chlorogenic Acid that is known to help lower blood pressure.

Why does my bruschetta taste bitter? ›

If your bruschetta is bitter, it is probably your olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil varies in pungency and bitterness. Try trying other brands to see if you can find something a little more pleasant for you!

What is the topping on bruschetta called? ›

food blogger Author has 2.9K answers and 47.3M. · 10mo. Though the whole thing is usually called bruschetta, the topping is called the condiment.

What is a fun fact about bruschetta? ›

Bruschetta was first documented in English by Elizabeth David in 1954. David observed in Italian Food that "bruschetta are eaten with the newly made oil" in the olive oil-producing districts of Tuscany and Umbria. Waverley Root and Marcella Hazan trace the origins of bruschetta to ancient Rome.

Can you eat with your hands in Italy? ›

Italians always use cutlery when eating, but when it comes to pizza, using your hands is totally allowed. We usually use fork and knife to cut the round pizza into triangular slices and then fold them and just eat with our hands.

What is a substitute for balsamic vinegar in bruschetta? ›

I use red wine vinegar because I don't find it as harsh as balsamic. It provides great flavor but doesn't take away from the stars which are the bread, tomatoes, and basil. This is how you make non-balsamic bruschetta.

What is a substitute for basil in bruschetta? ›

If you must use a basil substitute, try some oregano, thyme, or marjoram in your bruschetta recipe.

Why is my bruschetta watery? ›

Peel and gut your tomatoes

Tomato skins and seeds can be bitter, and removing them improves the flavor and texture of your bruschetta topping. Seeds and skin also contain extra water, which can make your bruschetta runny and your toast points soggy.

What type of tomatoes is best for bruschetta? ›

I like to use a mix of heirloom varieties, which offer not only a confetti-like rainbow of colors but also a blend of flavors; some sweeter, some more tart. Some can be fleshier paste tomatoes, like plums, while others can be juicy with seeds.

What kind of tomatoes are good for bruschetta? ›

Something sweet and juicy, like heirloom tomatoes, tomatoes, vine tomatoes or Roma tomatoes. If making bruschetta when tomatoes are not in season, I recommend using grape or cherry tomatoes instead. Garlic – We will use just a clove to rub on the bread! Oil – The best extra-virgin olive oil you can afford!

What is the best Italian tomato variety? ›

Simply known as San Marzano – The King of Tomatoes is one of Italy's most popular varieties. It has an intense flavor, thick flesh, and low acidity that make it perfect for creating rich tomato sauces. It is said to have fewer seeds than other varieties, which makes them easier to prepare.

What are the best Italian tomatoes? ›

San Marzano: Perhaps one of the best known varieties, the San Marzano tomato is a DOP-certified plum tomato, thin and pointed, which is grown near Napoli. Its bittersweet taste – making it perfectly suited to a variety of dishes – is beloved across the world.


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