450 Best Playlist Name Ideas for Every Vibe, Mood or Music Genre (2024)

Creating the perfect playlist is like an art, and giving it the perfect name is just another piece of the puzzle. But sometimes, coming up with a name can actually be the hardest part. So whether you're the kind of person who likes to start with a playlist name in mind before you add your first track or you're someone who prefers to let the music inspire the name, this big list of ideas will get you thinking.

A good Spotify playlist name(or whatever music streaming service you use) can come from anywhere—it can be inspired by that one track you can't get enough of, the occasion it was meant for, or the vibe it creates. It can symbolize a deeper meaning or simply sound cool.

Realize these playlist name ideas are only the beginning. Think of those things you do every single day. Commuting, going to work or school, working out, running errands, making dinner, unwinding at home. What music do you want playing in the background? Put on your “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” hat and express yourself through the categorization of song. Here are some good playlist names to get you started.

The only question is, which of these awesome playlist ideas will you use next?

450 Best Playlist Names

1. Pleasant Era


2. Positive Tracks

3. Longer July

4. 8bit Moods

5. Positive Life

6. With People

7. Feel Good Together

8. '00s Indie Reflections

9. Thoughtful Happiness

10. Morning Lift

11. Now Or Never With Soul

12. … Once More With Feeling!

13. Piece For Keeps

14. Caribbean Labels

15. Forgetting Character Arcs

16. Latin Music For Writing

17. Sunny Rhythms

18. Taylor Swift Forever

19. Lo-Fi Women

20. Sunday House

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21. Open Fields Of June

22. Event Country

23. Sign Of Jams

24. In Commute

25. 70s Solo

26. Let’s Do Brunch

27. The Sun Goddess

28. Space Jamz

29. Fire and Water

30. It’s All Just Sunshine, Baby

31. Dreaming of Cotton Candy Skies

32. Peonies and Palmas

33. When It’s Good, It’s Good

34. Not That Basic

35. Dancing Barefoot

36. Peace

37. Just Happy Vibes

38. Blow It Up

39. Feeling It

40. For the Dope Queens

41. Chill Vibez

42. Surprisingly Deep

43. Welcome To Mood

44. Rainy Day Mix

45. I'm Just A Lonely Bard

46. It's Tough To Make Friends

47. Deep Afternoon

48. Thrilling Tale

49. Fireplace Singalongs

50. Only for Jocks

51. Romanticizing Life

52. Leave, I'm Sad

53. Could Die For You

54. Dear Loverboy

55. Metal Baby

56. Songs to Slow Dance

57. Afternoon Daydreams

58. Rock N Roll

59. This Flippity Dippity 90s Hip-Hop

60. Sounds Like a Christmas Song

61. Dancing under Electric Sky

62. My Electric Guitar Gently Weeps

63. My Villain Origin Story

64. Dark Academia

65. Cool Kids Party

66. Don't Sing, Yell

67. That One Song On the Radio

68. Tastes Like Tranquility

69. Country Singles

70. Cleaning House Party

71. Old Country Love

72. A Girl Has No Country

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73. Grandma's Childhood Chronicles

74. Cowboy Take Me Away

75. That Southern Drawl

76. Storytellers of Past

77. Feelings and Other Stupid Things

78. Tell Me Why

79. The Night We Met

80. Fiesta de la Tarde

81. Autumn Afternoons

82. Underrated Gems

83. Just a Sadboi

84. The Moment I Knew

85. Playlist for a Pity Party

86. The Anti-Social, Social Club

87. Pluto Could Never

88. Turn Around Bright Eyes

89. Songs That Don't Make Sense But Hurt the Same

90. Where Do I Start, Where Do You End?

91. Hi Misery, My Old Friend

92. Back of the Bus

93. My 2004 Emo Phase

94. Shopping at Hot Topic

95. Conflict Resolution 101

96. Cruising at Night

97. Hurt But Not Broken

98. Stay Wild, Moon Child

99. Be Groovy or Leave, Man

100. The Sunset Setting

101. Don't Listen To Unless Mentally Stable

102. In the Dark

103. Songs that Sound Cold

104. Strumming my Heartstrings

105. That Little Black Dress Feeling

106. Raindrops on my Skin

107. Couch Potato Vibes

108. Sleepy Ballads

109. Don’t Listen To This At Night

110. Childhood Jams

111. Serial Killer Favorites

112. Artists that Sing in Cursive

113. Songs that Make No Sense

114. Guilty Pleasures

115. Midnight Sun

116. Bella Swan’s iPod

117. Rhythmic Existentialism

118. Can’t Talk, Too Busy Finding Myself

119. Movie Magic

120. Roll The Credits

121. 50 Shades of Twilight

122. Warmth

123. Serene Satisfaction

124. And Just Like That

125. All Is Well

126. Passage of Time

127. Rule the World

128. Earth, Wind & Fire

129. Blowin’ in The Wind

130. Beat Drop in 1,2,3

131. #BossBabe

132. The Art of Life

133. The Rise and Fall

134. Alarm Tones Disguised as Songs

135. Wedding March

136. Fake Festive

137. Baby, Please Come Home

138. Princess Material

139. Disney Extravaganza

140. Sissy That Walk

141. New York State of Mind

142. Relaxation Mode

143. POV: You’re The Main Character In a Rom-Com

144. Calming Lo-Fi Beats

145. Study Uddy Uddy Music

146. Make My Day

147. Walking Downtown

148. Shiny Lights

149. Songs That Make Me Want to End It All

Good Playlist Names

150. Songs I’m Walking Down the Aisle To

151. Songs That Get Stuck In My Head

152. Workout Jams

153. Sunday Morning Blues

154. For the Fairy Child

155. Dreamscapes

156. For the Open Road

157. Country Boy, I Think I Love You

158. Calm Before the Storm

159. Punk is Not Dead

160. Sundress Kisses

161. Toy Box Tykes

162. Lullabies for Sweet Dreams

163. Like Mother Like Daughter

164. Family Road Trip

165. Homework Jams

166. Pumpkin Spice Fall

167. Ethereal Daydreams

168. BAMF

169. Soda Pop

170. Silly Songs For My Silly Mental Health

171. Birdhouse In Your Soul

172. My Teenage Angst

173. Too Much Rock For One Hand

174. Grunge Appreciation Society

175. Femme Fatale

176. Southern Comfort

177. Alabama Slammers

178. Pure Imagination

179. In A World Of My Own

180. Songs I Think Oprah Listens To

181. I Wanna Dance With Somebody

182. Little Miss Sunshine

183. Whistle and Bells

184. Another Lonely Day in Paradise

185. Our Life On Holiday

186. Bohemian Rhapsody

187. Ooh La La

188. Sweet Sixteen

189. Songs That Predicted the Future

190. Trick or Treat

191. Nightmare Fuel

192. Jumping the Turntable

193. If You Think You Saw This Playlist Name Before, No You Didn’t

194. Miami Jives

195. Running Out Of Time

196. Boomer Beats

197. Vienna Waits For You

198. Isn’t She Lovely?

199. My Huckleberry Friend

200. Uptown Girl

Creative Playlist Names

201. I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway

202. Eighties Schmateys

203. Sam Goody Vibes

204. Smooth Like Peanut Butter

205. Fighting the Kraken

206. Sailing Along Open Waters

207. Euphoria

208. Holographic Tears

209. I Say A Little Prayer

210. #WWJD

211. Somebody To Love

212. Walking On Sunshine

213. I Could Have Danced All Night

214. The 90s Collection

215. 80s Anthems

216. Davy Jones Locker

217. Bootylicious

218. Season of the Witch

219. Seattle Grunge

220. Sad Girl Starter Pack

221. Ghosted Again

222. Can Someone Please Be Proud Of Me?

223. Do The Happy Dance

224. Feel Good Friday

225. Thank You, Come Again

226. This is My Jam

227. An Ode to 90’s Nostalgia

228. Songs For My Cat

229. Happy Morning

230. Take a Chill Pill

231. Family Album

232. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

233. Free Cheap Thrills

234. Let the Music Play

235. Can I Get an Amen?

236. Who Do You Think You Are?

237. Red Blooded American

238. Here’s To Us

239. Catwalk

240. Funk It Up

241. Fly Me to the Moon

242. Bye, Bye, Bye

243. Bella Notte

244. A Love Like Ken & Barbie

245. French Cafe Vibes

246. Better Than a Bouquet

247. Songs My Therapist Says I Should Listen To

248. West Coast Life, East Coast Soul

249. Love is Blind, Be Good!

250. Not Me Romanticizing My Life…

Fun Playlist Names

251. Dance Party

252. Child of the 90s

253. Road Trip

254. Study Jams

255. Living in the City

256. Small Town Girl

257. The Oldies

258. La La Land

259. Travel Playlist

260. I Will Survive

261. Background Music

262. Groovin'

Sad Playlist Names

263. It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

264. Breakup Tunes

265. One Hard Day

266. Hello Darkness

267. Bye Ex

268. Teardrops

269. I Got the Blues

270. Rainy Days

271. All Time Low

272. Tough Times

273. Trying to Forget

274. Memory Lane

Rap/Hip Hop Playlist Names

275. Legends

276. Today's Soul

277. Funk You Up

278. Gangster Music

279. From the Hood

280. Rap Life

281. Hip Hop Can't Stop

282. Got Rhythm

283. Heavy Beats

284. Word Poetry

285. Shake the Hips

286. Spin the Record

Funny Playlist Names

287. My Mr. Darcy is Out There

288. Like a Gilmore Girl

289. Friends Vibe

290. If I Were In a Movie

291. Target Run

292. You Smell Good

293. Walking the Dog

294. Cheaper Than Therapy

295. It's Complicated

296. If I Were a Singer

297. Anything But Normal

298. Not Your Grandma's Playlist

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Aesthetic Playlist Names

299. All the Feels

300. Serenity

301. Peace Out

302. Chillin'

303. A Wonderful World

304. Surrounded by Beauty

305. Vision of Love

306. Happy Place

307. Lyric Painting

308. Artistic Vibes

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Country Playlist Names

309. Down a Gravel Road

310. Back Roads at Night

311. Great Midwest

312. Get Your Hank On

313. Play Some George

314. Country Roots

315. Honky Tonkin'

316. Cowboy Tunes

317. Drinking Songs

318. Homegrown

319. Front Porch Melodies

320. Pecan Pie Life

321. Pickup Truck

Cool Playlist Names

322. Lin Manuel Style

323. Stress Relief Sounds

324. It's the Weekend

325. All My Faves

326. Songs That Never Get Old

327. Earworm Songs

328. Stuck In My Head

329. Songs to Listen to Again and Again

330. Shake It Off

Workout Playlist Names

331. Feel the Burn

332. Bring on the Endorphins

333. Feel Good, Look Good

334. Move Your Body

335. Work It!

336. At the Gym

337. Workout Motivators

338. Don't Stop

339. Pump You Up

340. And Lift!

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Chill Playlist Names

341. Everybody Relax

342. Windows Down Tunes

343. Calm and Happy

344. Classical Music for Studying

345. Songs for Falling Asleep

346. Just Breathe

347. Barefoot in the Grass

348. Walking on Sunshine

349. Songs to Unwind

350. Feeling Fine

Cute Playlist Names

351. Rabbit Hole

352. Girlfriend's Favorite

353. Rockin' Out

354. I've Got a Crush

355. Spicy, Saucy

356. Feeling Silly

357. Songs to Make You Smile

358. Music With My Pets

359. Keeping Me Company

360. Secret Messages

Summer Playlist Names

361. Summer in the City

362. At the Beach

363. Beach Bums

364. Cold Drink in My Hand

365. Sunshine Vibes

366. Hot Outside

367. Swim Party

368. Drinking Iced Tea

369. Lemons to Lemonade

370. School's Out

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Rock Playlist Names

371. Big Hair Bands

372. Crank Up the Bass

373. Electric Guitar Jams

374. Sticky Sweet

375. Heavy Metal

376. Classic Rock

377. Hard Rock

378. Shredding on My Guitar

379. Guardians of the Galaxy

380. My Parents' Music

381. Rock Out

Fall Playlist Names

382. Falling Leaves

383. Pumpkin Spice

384. Fall Drive

385. Apple Flavored Everything

386. Autumn Feeling

387. Feel the Chill

388. All Things Fall

389. Loving October

390. Sweater Weather

391. Hooded Sweatshirt

392. Harvest Time

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Christmas Playlist Names

393. On Holiday

394. Santa and His Elves

395. Pop Christmas

396. Traditional Carols

397. Contemporary Christmas

398. Big Screen Christmas Tunes

399. Family Time

400. Winter Nights

401. Christmas Party

402. Twelve Days of Christmas

403. Holiday Songs

404. Home for Christmas

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Hanukkah Playlist Names

405. Light the Candles

406. Funny Chanukah Songs

407. Another Latke Please

408. Spin the Dreidl

409. Traditional Songs

410. Maccabean Festival

411. Eight Nights

412. Menorah, Menorah

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Love Playlist Names

413. It Takes Two

414. Sweetheart Music

415. Date Night

416. Romance in the Air

417. Our Songs

418. Kiss Kiss

419. Hugs and Kisses

420. My Lover and Me

421. I Wanna Be With You

422. For the Bedroom

423. Chemistry Lessons

424. Hopelessly Devoted to You

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R&B Playlist Names

425. Feel the Blues

426. Slow Things Down

427. Lounge

428. Like Jazz

429. Soul Food

430. Lots of Groove

Indie Playlist Names

431. All the Vibes

432. Heart Beats

433. Like No Other

434. Acoustic Dreams

435. California Dreamin'

436. Going Deep

437. Vinyl Spins

438. Bet You've Never Heard of These

Spring Playlist Names

439. New Beginnings

440. Fresh Start

441. New Romantics

442. April Showers

443. Rain, Rain

445. May Flowers

446. Grass is Greener

447. Blossom

448. Spring Vibes

449. Kissin' in the Rain

450. Clouds of White

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450 Best Playlist Name Ideas for Every Vibe, Mood or Music Genre (2024)


What is a mood playlist? ›

Enter your mood and 5 favourite artists and MOOD Playlist will create a Spotify playlist you'll love. MOOD Playlist is a mood playlist generator, that is creates Spotify playlists that are personalised to both your mood and your unique music taste, in just a few clicks.

What is a good music name? ›

It should be something that reflects your style and personality, so that it can help to define you as an artist. A good name is also usually a simple name; you want to pick something that is easy to pronounce and spell. Think about what language your artist name should be in: where is your audience mainly located?

How to make a playlist based on mood? ›

Simply enter your mood and select 5 of your favourite artists, and MOOD Playlist does the rest. Whether you're looking for a happy playlist to boost your mood, an energetic playlist for your workout, or a mellow playlist to relax, unwind or study, you can create it automatically with MOOD Playlist in just a few clicks.

How to make a good themed playlist? ›

Choose songs that match the theme of your interest in some way. Think of anything you like doing, your hobbies, favorite books, places, and movies. Here you can truly search for the inspiration within yourself! The great thing is that It could be by genre, mood, lyrics, title, artist name, etc.

What is the music called in the mood? ›

"In the Mood" is a popular big band-era jazz standard recorded by American bandleader Glenn Miller. "In the Mood" is based on the composition "Tar Paper Stomp" by Wingy Manone. The first recording under the name "In the Mood" was released by Edgar Hayes & His Orchestra in 1938.

How do you flirt on Spotify playlist? ›

Yes, from the generation that brought us Milifandom, the Internet presents: Spotify flirting. Spotify flirting works like this: use the search function to find song titles and form sentences to help you express your emotions, then send it over to your crush.


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