20 Awful Signs You've Sold Your Soul — And How To Get It Back (2024)

We have all seen people who we thought we knew take action, doing something we never would have imagined them doing.

Perhaps they put aside their morals and values for financial gain. Or maybe they just wanted a chance to rub shoulders with "who’s who."

These are the instances where you have probably referenced someone “selling their soul.” It sounds terrible because it is.

What does it mean to ‘sell your soul’?

Selling your soul is a metaphor that means you have betrayed the innermost parts of your being.

In most religions, it is believed that the soul is a source of good to either leave the body and head for heaven after you die, or reincarnate into another person.


From a biblical perspective, to sell your soul is to give in to sinful temptations offered by the Devil. This temporary pleasure results in banishment to Hell upon death.

One real life person believed to have sold his soul to the Devil for musical prowess was Robert Johnson. His early demise was thought to be the Devil collecting his debt.

How do you know you or someone else has sold their soul?

20 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

Are there times when you’ve compromised what you know to be right in favor of a quick come-up? Here are some clear signs you’ve sold your soul.

1. You're selfish.

Are there times when you have put aside the repercussions your actions may have on others? If you are willing to sacrifice what’s right for any reason, you’ve sold your soul.

2. You’re filled with guilt.

Selling your soul is not a good feeling. Even if you get all the riches in the world, the manner in which you obtained them will eat away at you. No amount of money can offset the guilt that plagues you.

3. You're willing to lie.

If getting what you want requires you to tell lies, you have sold your soul. If what you did was on the up and up, it would never be necessary to be untruthful.

4. You break promises.

If you have gone back on your word for your own benefit, you may have sold your soul. Your word is your bond, and if people can't rely on it can you really be trusted?

5. You peer pressure others.

If you force people into doing things that may be detrimental to them by applying pressure, you are selling your soul. Everyone should have the autonomy to decide what’s best for themselves.

6. You omit important information.

One clear sign you have sold your soul is a failure to disclose details that might be harmful to others. If you are fast-talking folks through contracts they should be reading, for example, it’s evident that you don’t have good intentions.

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7. Your wins are one-sided.

In dealings with other people, everyone should win. If you are cementing deals where you are the person that comes out of top and the other party is meant to lose, you have definitely sold your soul.

8. You value pleasure over purpose.

You are willing to forego what you are passionate and purposeful about in order to obtain pleasure that is short-lived. Anyone willing to cast aside their dreams and ambitions in this way has sold their soul.

9. You exhibit hypocritical behavior.

You say you have certain beliefs, but your actions prove otherwise. If you claim to be a moral person and adhere to certain values, but your behavior tells a different story, you have sold your soul.

10. You ignore advice.

Many people have told you not to do it, but you ignored their words of wisdom. Instead, you are insistent on doing what is best for you and only you, no matter the impact on others.

11. You disappoint others.

Disappointment in life is normal. But people tend to still be forgiving when you fail, as long as you did the right thing. If others are disappointed with your actions, it symbolizes that you have sold your soul.

12. You indulge in vices.

Going against your true self is spiritually traumatic. You might try to cover your angst with drugs, alcohol, casual sex, or gambling. These things might put a band-aid on your pain, but it’s still there.

13. You have a scarcity mindset.

You believe that in order for you to win, someone must lose. Healthy, functional people know that there is enough room at the table for everyone to eat. An over-the-top competitive mindset is a sure sign you have sold your soul.

14. You exploit people.

You use people’s vulnerability for your own benefit. The appearance of a shoulder to lean on gives you access to compromising information, and you are willing to throw anyone under the bus to get what you want.

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15. Your life lacks joy.

You have all the trappings of wealth. You are surrounded with prestigious people who make you look important, but you are still unhappy. That inner voice is telling you that you did not do the right thing.

16. You don’t have any self-respect.

The definition of disrespecting yourself is doing things that do not serve you. Going against your intrinsic values tells you that you may have started losing respect for yourself long ago.

17. You’re ashamed.

Most people want to scream about their accomplishments from the rafters. But because you did things in a slimy way, you can’t brag about your conquests. You know in your heart of hearts your actions are not something to share.

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18. You like to deflect.

Instead of taking accountability and striving to do better, you place blame on others. It’s easier to deflect than it is to stand up and say you were wrong. Unfortunately, this can become an ugly habit if left unchecked.

19. You seek revenge.

Carrying around a grudge is draining. The ability to forgive and move on is life changing. But if you have sold your soul, you will seek revenge, even when the transgression against you was all in your head.

20. You break the law.

A clear indication that you’ve sold your soul is that you had to break the law to do it. You were willing to put your future and freedom at risk to gain something that is likely not worth it.

How to Get Your Soul Back

If you think you have sold your soul, know that it is possible to get it back and return to the kind and virtuous person you once were.

Take accountability for your actions and vow to do what is right moving forward. If there is any fallout from your misdeeds, it is up to you to revisit those wrongs and make amends.

From a religious perspective, it is believed that confessing your sins to God will restore your soul.

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Now, let's delve into the concepts used in the provided article:

1. Selling Your Soul as a Metaphor: The article introduces the metaphor of "selling your soul," emphasizing that it signifies a betrayal of one's innermost values and principles. It draws parallels between this metaphor and religious beliefs, particularly in Christianity, where selling one's soul to the Devil is linked to succumbing to sinful temptations and facing consequences in the afterlife.

2. Robert Johnson's Alleged Deal with the Devil: The article references real-life instances, such as the legendary blues musician Robert Johnson, who was believed to have sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for musical prowess. His premature death was thought to be the Devil collecting the debt, highlighting the cultural and historical aspects of the concept.

3. Signs You've Sold Your Soul: The article lists 20 signs that suggest someone may have sold their soul. These signs include selfishness, guilt, willingness to lie, breaking promises, peer pressuring others, omitting important information, one-sided victories, valuing pleasure over purpose, exhibiting hypocritical behavior, ignoring advice, causing disappointment in others, indulging in vices, having a scarcity mindset, exploiting people, lacking joy in life, lacking self-respect, feeling ashamed, deflecting accountability, seeking revenge, and breaking the law.

4. How to Get Your Soul Back: The article concludes by offering a perspective on redemption, suggesting that if someone believes they have sold their soul, they can reclaim it by taking accountability for their actions, making amends, and, from a religious standpoint, confessing their sins to God.

In summary, the article explores the metaphorical concept of selling one's soul, intertwining religious beliefs, historical examples, and a list of signs to help individuals reflect on their own actions. It also provides a hopeful note by suggesting ways to regain one's moral compass and integrity.

20 Awful Signs You've Sold Your Soul — And How To Get It Back (2024)


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